Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Snapshots from Belgium 2

The pictures from the 6-7 year old 
primary school kids,
WEG-WIJZER, Belgium 2 

Hello to everyone taking part in this project. 
We had a great time making lots of pictures, not always easy being such young children.
Here are the pictures we have chosen to publish on "Snapshot of Europe 2015". 


Stan, playing on the street was suddenly surprised by this man riding a big horse. Although excited he managed to grab his camera and to make a nice picture of the scene. Nice as well because of the point of view, the kids eyes.


Liese discovered a hedgehog and took dozens of pictures of it. The hedgehog must have liked Liese because it did not run away. Showing this picture everybody always reacted with a big OOOOHHH !
We hope you do too !


Free was having a holiday and when she and her parents made a walk in the village they discovered a lot of play animals in very strange places: in the middle of the street, on the roof of cars, on bicycles, ...But in a very small old shop Free discovered these cute  ducks. 


This picture really was an experiment. What would happen if you moved the camera in circles when making a picture ? Of course a lot of bad pictures, but there is something special about this one, quite a nice effect. It was the brother of one pupil doing karate.

We hope you like our pictures. Please feel free to comment on them.
Kind regards, the young ones from Belgium 2 !

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  1. What a great start to the project. Well done Belgium. I really like the movement of the karate photo.